Player Programs Department

Purvis Short - Director
Frank Brickowski - Regional Representative
Roy Hinson - Regional Representative
George Johnson - Regional Representative
Tim McCormick - Regional Representative
Kermit Washington - Regional Representative
Lupercia Ten - Assistant to the Director 

The NBPA established the Player Programs Department in 1993 to help players address the multitude of unique situations and challenges they face off the court and prepare them for life outside of and after basketball. Since its creation, the Department, which is staffed by former NBA players, has made a tremendous impact on the lives of current and former players by providing them with the necessary educational programs and support services that help them maximize their potential, both on and off the court. The Department also coordinates NBPA signature events, such as the Top 100 High School Camp, Rookie Transition Program and annual summer clinics, as well as provides the following services:

  • Health-Related Programs committed to health education, increased awareness of HIV/AIDS and the Second Opinion Program, which exists to help players navigate through difficult medical decisions with the aid of independent practitioners.
  • The Player Assistance Program provides substance abuse education, early intervention and treatment to all NBA players and ensures access to evaluation and treatment of mental health and behavioral concerns.
  • The Financial Education Program promotes and encourages financial education of NBA players and disseminates information to help players better understand and manage their finances during their career, as well as during retirement.