Security & Agent Administration Department

Robert Gadson - Director
Lupercia Ten - Assistant to the Director of Security

The NBPA established the Security Department in 1994 to conduct investigations at the request of NBA players. As players’ security needs have – and continue to – evolve, the Security Department works closely with local and federal law enforcement officials in each NBA city to see to it that matters of concern receive timely attention.

The Security Department also:

  • Assists NBA Security in preparation for events involving NBA players, including the NBA All-Star Game, NBA Draft, Rookie Transition Program, USA Basketball, arena security during NBA games and more.
  • Oversees the NBPA’s Drugs of Abuse Program, which includes monitoring the drug tests of rookie and veteran players conducted by NBA Security.
  • Monitors the Anti-Drug Agreement between the NBPA and the NBA regarding recovering substance abusers.

Robert Gadson - Director
Lupercia Ten - Assistant to the Director of Agent Administration

The NBPA established the Agent Regulation Department in 1986 to address and prevent the mistreatment occurring in relationships between agents and players. The regulations governing player agents require that any individual attempting to negotiate a Uniform Player Contract with an NBA team on behalf of a player be certified by the NBPA. In order to receive certification, the individual must meet specified qualifications and follow regulations. A photo I.D. system is in place to hinder non-certified individuals from representing themselves as certified agents.

The Agent Regulation Department also:

  • Maintains and coordinates files for all agent applications, standard player agent contracts, fee disclosure forms and termination, as well as other player/agent correspondence. 
  • Maintains a relationship with the NCAA Enforcement Department to ensure that NBPA-certified agents comply with student-athlete regulations.
  • Conducts background investigations on applicants to ensure they meet agent certification qualifications.
  • Investigates player complaints regarding possible prohibited conduct by NBPA-certified agents. The Committee on Agent Regulation has the authority to impose discipline on any agent who violates the regulations, including suspension and decertification. 
  • Helps resolve disputes between players and agents via the assistance of NBPA in-house counsel and the retention of an independent arbitrator.